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Intellectual Forum

The new Jesus College Intellectual Forum will provide a 21st century research environment, as an outward- and forward-looking centre that fosters critical thinking and creative excellence and supports the growing importance of multidisciplinary activities and networking on a global level.

​The aim is to provide a world-class centre focusing on themes and problems of interest to communities across the world, including issues such as the future of work, how health and social care can be transformed over the coming decades, and what privacy means in a digital age.    

The centre will work with academics, students, alumni, and leaders across many fields from humanities to sciences, including governments, businesses, and charities. It will cover topics important to our own time and the future, and build thematic programmes and discussions at the highest level.

The work of the Forum includes running the very successful Rustat Conferences, which over the last seven years have brought together small groups of leading thinkers to discuss issues such as technology and AI, the North South Divide, Transport and Energy, and Inequality.

If you would like to be involved in any aspect of the Forum’s work, please contact either Dr Julian Huppert, our Director, or Dr Sarah Steele, our Coordinator.

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The Intellectual Forum has a small core staff and then works with a wide range of people and organisations who contribute to our work. Some of these are short pieces of project work and some are longer-term interactions.
The Intellectual Forum is deliberately broad in the topics it considers. We will get involved with anything that is sufficiently interesting and worthwhile. Through our work to date we have identified a few specific themes of interest where we will apply additional focus.
The Intellectual Forum runs a diverse programme of events across the year, so please check back regularly and sign up for our mailing list.
The Intellectual Forum seeks to engage a broad range of individuals and organisations in its many activities, events and programmes.

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